Behavioral Addiction Cover Design

Publishers often want to see a variety of visual solutions for jackets and Carling Design is always happy to oblige. These covers were created for a book on behavioral, or process, addiction (the title was in flux)—non-substance addictions like eating disorders, gambling, etc. The various metaphors explored were passed over in favor of the image in the first cover signifying the mechanized, compulsive aspects of behavioral addiction. 

“Working with Tom is a project manager’s dream. Along with his creativity, deep experience and meticulous attention to detail, he is readily available and responsive. I never have to wonder if he received my file, or how long it will be before I get it back. He gets editor-speak and follows my instructions to a T but also lets me know if a request is misguided—in which case, he has a clever workaround to suggest. He is an excellent problem-solver—if the client wants something extraordinary, Tom delivers with a creative solution that goes well beyond expectations. Along with all this, he remains pleasant and collegial throughout the project.”
— Kathleen A. Schienle, Principal at Greer Marketing Communications