What Is Life?: A Guide to Biology

W. H. Freeman had a problem. It was time to redesign the best-selling college biology textbook in the country. How do you make it even better and protect your market dominance? The author, Jay Phelan, had a very strong aesthetic sense and lots of opinions about typography and design. Tom had some ideas too. He worked very closely with Jay, building report and trust, and extended the strengths of the first edition to a whole new level. Now in it’s third edition, What is Life? is still a best seller.  

“I haven’t said this enough throughout the re-design process: it has been so great working with Tom Carling. He has done a fantastic job with the design. I know that we’ve spent a lot more time on this than anyone planned; nonetheless, with each little change, Tom has helped us to move closer and closer to this beautiful design. It will remind people of the first edition design, but it also feels fresh, elegant, clean, and beautiful. Tom has my sincere appreciation and gratitude.”
— Jay Phelan, author of What is Life?