Cancer Research Institute:
60th Anniversary Magazine

Cancer Research Institute is the leader in supporting cancer immunotherapy research and Carling Design won the bid to design and produce their 60th anniversary retrospective magazine. A compelling cover that communicated the revolutionary, life-giving nature of immunotherapy was a paramount concern. Immunotherapy, first explored by William Coley over a century ago, utilizes the patient’s immune system to effectively treat cancer. After exploring many artists and concepts, Tom commissioned Scott Lauman to create this simple and beautiful ink block print. 

Carling Design was tasked with creating a clean, open, 48-page publication to make comprehensible the science of immunotherapy and CRI’s central role to the magazine’s core audience: board members and high net-worth donors. Extensive use of extracted quotes, info graphics, and high-quality illustration contributed to telling the story and engaging these non-science oriented readers. 

“I haven’t said this enough throughout the re-design process: it has been so great working with Tom Carling. He has done a fantastic job with the design. I know that we’ve spent a lot more time on this than anyone planned; nonetheless, with each little change, Tom has helped us to move closer and closer to this beautiful design. It will remind people of the first edition design, but it also feels fresh, elegant, clean, and beautiful. Tom has my sincere appreciation and gratitude.”
— Jay Phelan, author of What is Life?