Pace Law School Environmental Law:
Leadership Report

The new director of Environmental Law Programs at Pace Law School wanted their Leadership Report to have a “sleek, minimalist, Apple computer-like feel” with lots of “white space.” “I was happy to oblige but the challenge with minimalist design is that it can lapse into sterile. Apple features a very clean look to showcase flawless photography of their exquisitely designed products. That works!” Without visual dynamics of some kind, “white space” becomes boring.

Tom’s solution was to turn to the abstract cartography of artist, Geraldine Lau. Her work, normally produced as vinyl wall installations, often depicts the intersection of synthetic (man-made) forms and natural landscapes, evoking themes within environmental law and directly addressing issues of how human beings impose themselves on and alter the environment. For the ELP report, a color cover piece and subtle, ghosted b&w backgrounds for the interior provided much need visual interest.

“Tom is my go-to-guy for graphic design and someone I strongly recommend. His designs are fresh, clean, and original—always spot on for the intended audience. He makes the process, even when under pressure, a fun day at work. Tom meets every deadline and will go the extra mile and then some. I’ve recommended him to colleagues with total confidence and their experiences echo my own.”
— Joan Gaylord, Communications at Pace Law School