Time-Life Books:
True Stories of World War II

Mining their unrivaled Life magazine photo archive was the impetus behind Time-Life’s True Stories of World War II. “Bringing color to the project was imperative and I felt the two-toned montage and red-bar-bordered cover worked very well.” Unfortunately, Carling Design’s bid, via packager Shoreline Publishing, was passed over and the design and production was taken in-house.

“Tom Carling has great taste! He has worked on numerous cover designs, text designs, and full-project layouts for us, and he’s always come through with unique ideas—from font choices to color palettes to layout solutions. Furthermore, his designs are well-received by the teams I’m working with—they are always impressed with the style and quality of his work. He’s made some of our most high-profile projects look great and arrive on time. Who could ask for anything more? I would highly recommend Tom to anyone who needs modern, well-thought out design work tailored to the needs of their project.”
— Diana Blume, Director of Design at Macmillan Learning