American Red Cross:
Babysitter’s Training Handbook

Who knew babysitters could be American Red Cross-certified? Well apparently many parents-in-the-know do and they want their kids watched over with the same level of protection at home, as at the pool. Krames StayWell asked Carling to design a manual to accompany the ARC course that would attract and engage teens while they strive for the ranks of über babysitters. “I wonder how much more they can charge after getting certified.”


“Tom is my go-to-guy for graphic design and someone I strongly recommend. His designs are fresh, clean, and original—always spot on for the intended audience. He makes the process, even when under pressure, a fun day at work. Tom meets every deadline and will go the extra mile and then some. I’ve recommended him to colleagues with total confidence and their experiences echo my own.”
— Joan Gaylord, Communications at Pace Law School