Olympic Fact Book

With the games on a biannual schedule, the limited shelf life of Olympic books is a big drawback for many publishers—especially in the juvenile market where interest may be marginal to begin with. Tom partnered with long-time collaborator, Shoreline Publishing/Jim Buckley to produce this comp for a proposal. The aim was to present an overview of the games for kids with colorful, high-energy snippets that would be fun and easy to peruse. 

“Working with Tom is a project manager’s dream. Along with his creativity, deep experience and meticulous attention to detail, he is readily available and responsive. I never have to wonder if he received my file, or how long it will be before I get it back. He gets editor-speak and follows my instructions to a T but also lets me know if a request is misguided—in which case, he has a clever workaround to suggest. He is an excellent problem-solver—if the client wants something extraordinary, Tom delivers with a creative solution that goes well beyond expectations. Along with all this, he remains pleasant and collegial throughout the project.”
— Kathleen A. Schienle, Principal at Greer Marketing Communications