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  • independent, freelance textbook designer

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Carling Design is a New York-based editorial design studio offering a full range of publication art direction, design, and production services in print and digital formats. The studio specializes in children’s trade nonfiction books and elementary through higher education textbooks but has broad experience in creating adult books, magazines, and publications of all kinds.   

Books For Fun

As a children’s trade nonfiction book designer, I’ve created hundreds of very successful books for major publishers by conjuring a mix of lively design and fun touches that get kids excited about discovering the world around them.

Books For School

As a textbook designer, I weave pedagogical goals into a friendly, inviting, format with clear structure and navigation that facilitates a “page-flipping” study style, paving the way for deeper comprehension and mastery. 


*and Other Busy, Distracted Folks.

Yeah, that’s you and me. I also design publications that inspire grown ups to read as well. 


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