Tom Carling designs great books that get young people* reading,
in print and on screen.

Books for Fun

As a children’s trade nonfiction book designer, Tom conjures a mix of lively design and fun touches that get kids excited about discovering the world around them. 

Books for School

As a school/library and textbook designer, Tom weaves pedagogical goals into a friendly, inviting format that paves the way for deeper comprehension and mastery. 

*and Other Busy, Distracted Folks.

“Yeah, that’s you and me.” Tom also designs books, magazines, and marketing materials that inspire grown ups to read as well.

Tom Carling is a New York-based publication designer and producer offering a full range of art direction, design, editorial, and production services in print and digital formats. Over the span of a two-decade plus career — with a special focus on young readers — he has designed and produced a sweeping array of books, textbooks, and magazines in close collaboration with publishers large and small and global brands.


They reward Carling Design by coming back time and again. The average length of Tom’s relationship with his top five clients: 12 years. Read why they chose to work with him. 

“So who are your readers and how can I help you connect with them?”
Checkout Tom’s design services and how he works with clients.