My clients tell me I put them at ease because I’m as engaged, collaborative, and dedicated to results as any in-house member of the team. They tell me I offer the best combination of talent, dependability and price and they reward me by coming back time and again. The average length of relationship with my top five clients: 12 years.

Here’s what some of them have to say:

“I haven’t said this enough throughout the re-design process: it has been so great working with Tom Carling. He has done a fantastic job with the design. I know that we’ve spent a lot more time on this than anyone planned; nonetheless, with each little change, Tom has helped us to move closer and closer to this beautiful design. It will remind people of the first edition design, but it also feels fresh, elegant, clean, and beautiful. Tom has my sincere appreciation and gratitude.”
— Jay Phelan, author of What is Life?
“Whether for a simple board book or a complicated, 300-page, illustrated book, Carling Design is always the first call we make. Shoreline has worked hand-in-mouse with Carling for more than ten years and they have never delivered anything less than superb work...and on time and on budget. I personally also worked with Tom while I was at Sports Illustrated and can also highly recommend him for magazine projects as well. Plus, along with being a fine designer, he’s also one of the nicest people you’ll ever work with in this business!”
— Jim Buckley, President, Shoreline Publishing Group
“Tom has been an absolute delight to work with. His design solutions are always fresh, creative, and distinct. I have used him for 6 different projects and not only was I very pleased with the results, but the editors also remarked on how attentive he was to the project and how wonderful both the process and the end product was. Tom is simply unflappable. Never one to get frustrated when given difficult requests; he works until he gets it right! When I make presentations of the books that our company produces, I always show the books Tom designed as examples. I recommend Tom Carling highly. He listens, he hears, he creates great solutions.”
— Anna Palchik, Senior Art Director, Bedford/St. Martin’s
“Tom Carling has great taste! He has worked on numerous cover designs, text designs, and full-project layouts for us, and he’s always come through with unique ideas—from font choices to color palettes to layout solutions. Furthermore, his designs are well-received by the teams I’m working with—they are always impressed with the style and quality of his work. He’s made some of our most high-profile projects look great and arrive on time. Who could ask for anything more? I would highly recommend Tom to anyone who needs modern, well-thought out design work tailored to the needs of their project.”
— Diana Blume, Director of Design at Macmillan Learning
“For more than a decade, working at four different Time Inc. magazines, I have used the services of Carling Design to create special advertising features, sections, posters, booklets and more. That we get great design work is a given. But working with Tom Carling also means having a creative, reliable, conscientious partner who offers quick turnaround without compromising quality. I give Carling Design my highest recommendation.”
— Rick Resnick, VP Marketing—Time/Fortune/Money/FSB
“With Carling Design, we know two very important things: First, we always get quality design consultation. And second, we have someone we can count on. Tom’s design solutions are always fresh and the workflow is as seamless as with our staff designers.”
— Alec Morrison, Director—Custom Content, Sports Illustrated
“Working with Tom is a project manager’s dream. Along with his creativity, deep experience and meticulous attention to detail, he is readily available and responsive. I never have to wonder if he received my file, or how long it will be before I get it back. He gets editor-speak and follows my instructions to a T but also lets me know if a request is misguided—in which case, he has a clever workaround to suggest. He is an excellent problem-solver—if the client wants something extraordinary, Tom delivers with a creative solution that goes well beyond expectations. Along with all this, he remains pleasant and collegial throughout the project.”
— Kathleen A. Schienle, Principal at Greer Marketing Communications
“Tom is my go-to-guy for graphic design and someone I strongly recommend. His designs are fresh, clean, and original—always spot on for the intended audience. He makes the process, even when under pressure, a fun day at work. Tom meets every deadline and will go the extra mile and then some. I’ve recommended him to colleagues with total confidence and their experiences echo my own.”
— Joan Gaylord, Communications at Pace Law School
“Tom Carling Rocks!”
— Tian Carling, age 19