I SAVED these kids from a JAM of MONSTER PROPORTIONS!!!

The MONSTER JAM — arena Extravaganzas featuring daredevil Competitions of Humongous Monster Trucks — and kids were struggling. 

Yes… a MONSTER JAM — arena extravaganzas featuring daredevil competitions of humongous Monster trucks — and kids were struggling. 

Each year, countless bewildered children are exposed to these spectacles by well-meaning parents without sufficient guidance and support to nurture their budding fandom. Kids left the stadium with no comprehensive, licensed guide on the market to help them savor the thunderous, gravity-defying marvels they had just witnessed. 

Scholastic saw the urgent need and appealed to Carling Design to help correct this deficit in the universe. Our offering: Monster Jam Official Guidebook.

It’s a 128-page, kid-friendly canon of all things Monster Jam.  Here’s a peek.

While I’d be delighted to design your next kids’ nonfiction book that will save the world, I’m also open to more modest assignments on books that merely aspire to compelling elucidation, sheer delight, and market dominance. If that’s all you’ve got, let’s talk anyway.