Buy it, Collect it, Trade it? Uh, not quite.

“Oh, jumbo sports cards!” 

That was my response as I listened to the pitch for a kids’ book featuring profiles of current NFL stars — stats and story on the left-hand page facing a big action photo on the right.  

I knew the medium, having designed baseball cards for Topps back in the day. But this was different — card fronts and backs don’t have to relate closely; book spreads do. Dismissing static borders to unite the pages, I went for a more dynamic, integrated look that offered lots of visual variety.

The result: the 48-page, 8.5´´ x 11´´  Football Superstars 2017 for Scholastic.

Put me in, Coach! If you need a little more spark on your team. I’ve got energy, experience, and a good head for the game. And I won’t break your salary cap.